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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cocteau Twins - Garlands

Released : 1 September 1982
Recorded : 1981-1982
Genre : Post-punk
Gothic rock
Length : 35:25
Label : 4AD - CAD 211
Producer : Cocteau Twins, Ivo Watts-Russell

Garlands is the 1982 debut album of Cocteau Twins. It is the only album with original bassist Will Heggie.
The original British cassette release included four additional tracks from a John Peel Radio session. The original British and Canadian CD releases featured the album, the Peel session and two other tracks that were recorded for an unreleased single which was to have been the band's first release. Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk provided backup vocals on "Dear Heart" and "Hazel".


1. Blood Bitch
2. Wax And Wane
3. But I'm Not
4. Blind Dumb Deaf
5. Shallow Then Halo
6. The Hollow Men
7. Garlands
8. Grail Overfloweth


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